Sunday, 3 July 2011

Kali Mirch: Health Benefits of Black Pepper (IN URDU)

Kali Mirch: Health Benefits of Black Pepper

Black pepper has bundle of benefits and plays an active role in making our body healthy. Black Pepper is not just a spice but it also works as an anti biotic or a natural vaccine, protecting our body from some obnoxious diseases.Black Pepper makes digestive system proper and increases appetite. It controls Lungs diseases and also aborts stomach and muscles weakness. With its strong beneficial power, it relieves from fever and tonsils. A severe kind of chronic cough can be controlled if Black Pepper powder is used with honey. Its effects are hot so the patients of Hepatitis and high Blood pressure must not use it. Black Pepper is also useful in cholera that often brings people to death. So, it is undoubtedly true to call it a small thing with huge protecting power.
Black Pepper in Urdu

Health Benefits of Black Pepper


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